Its Your Time…

There’s never been a better time to share your legacy. There’s also never been a better time to profit from it.

Give me 90 days and I’ll personally show you step-by-step how to create, publish and sell your own book, online course and seminars for fun, profit and fame, for as long as you want to bank the money…

Let me take you by the hand and show-and-tell you the highly profitable Guru Business secrets you’re NOT supposed to know

I’ll even give you the secret I exploited to get a book from just an idea to bestseller on Amazon in 6 weeks… and best of all it cost me less than £30 to do it!


Think about the past 5 years, if any of these statements sound like you:
  •   Aren’t where you think you should be right now because you’re stuck in a grind…
  •   Don’t have a list and don’t know where to get started (or you’ve tried and failed)
  •   Don’t know how to stand out, share your message and get your voice heard effectively
  •   Aren’t the Go-To authority and expert in your niche
  •   Aren’t happy with your thought-leadership and authority status
  •   Don’t have products or an automated system for making money when you aren’t working
However, if you want (and need) to…
  •  Increase your authority and thought-leadership
  •  Increase your audience and reach
  •  Attract better prospects and grow your list
  •  Get called to speak on more stages
  •  Get booked for TV and interviews
  •  Build a team that doesn’t cost a fortune
  •  Charge more and get paid what you’re worth
  •  Want better tools, systems and automation
Then It’s Time to Get what You Want!


There are 5 steps to creating your expert authority and thought leader platform to earn more. 

1.  Become a Bestselling Author. 

2.  Learn how to Speak and Sell.
3.  Teach, Coach, Consult, and Advise for more money.
4.  Create Products and Systems to Replicate and Automate You.
5.  Promote and amplify your message with Media – Social, Facebook, Instagram, Podcasts, TV and Radio (yea, even the “old fashioned stuff” still works).

We will build your signature programme with you in 90 days.  A Signature Programme can also be described as…

  • A “how to” process you have developed that you can put into a course to teach others.
  • A “Signature process” or “signature system” you’ve created that gets your clients results.
  • A solution you’ve discovered based on your story (something you’ve overcome or figured out personally or professionally).
  • Your subject matter expertise or the synthesis of what you have studied/done for years.
  • Your Thought Leadership or Intellectual Property.
A Signature Programme will distinguish you from others in your field, have others seek you out as the go-to expert, and allow you to command premium rates.

Let me be straight with you… You don’t need more information. What you need is help IMPLEMENTING.

You don’t just need to know WHAT to do… you need help APPLYING it to your specific situation.

IMPLEMENTATION is what we specialise in… and doing it in a concentrated period of time so you can get immediate results.

The main distinction between us and all the other courses you can take online, is that we don’t just give you a bunch of materials to go through on your own.  You won’t just sit and listen to me teach for hours.  You won’t be one of hundreds of students hoping the instructor may answer your question yet knows very little about you.

No, we roll up our sleeves and we dive into YOUR BUSINESS to laser focus in on identifying your Zone of Genius and step-by-step package it into a high-value Signature Programme you are proud of.

In our 90 day coaching relationship you won’t just learn HOW to create a valuable Signature Programme… You will walk away with your programme and income model completely DONE!


1. You are driven by a passion to make a positive contribution with your gifts.

You know your work transforms lives, but you need help packaging and messaging it properly to find your ideal market that is hungry for it.

 2. You know you are sitting on a goldmine with your work.

You are good at what you do and you know you are sitting on a gold mine, but you are uncertain how to package your signature work so that you can stop being the best kept secret in your industry.​

 3. You are tired of trading time for money.

You want a way to leverage your time and talents better … but you’re stuck trading time for money, and spinning with ideas but not getting traction with any of them. A lot of our clients come to us because they are burned out doing one-on-one work.

 3. You love what you do, you just need more clients.

If you are like most coaches, consultants, and service providers with whom we speak, you love what you do. You just need more of the clients you love!

 5. You’ve been searching for a business model that won’t burn you out.

If all the advice you have been given seems to be overwhelming and, worse yet, doesn’t seem to be producing results you are in the right place. You will learn how to leverage one programme into multiple streams of income and how to powerfully leverage your service delivery.


Garth Delikan The Lifestyle Guy rebranded and launched his “20’s Plenty Plan” hitting # on 20 Amazon bestsellers

Business Coach Shona Duff launched her book “Talking Houses” hitting # on 10 Amazon bestsellers

Dog trainer & Behaviourist John McGuigan launched his online course and book hitting #15 in ALL non fiction books on!


“This was an eye opener. I came out of it deciding on a topic that I had not even considered before I started it but that now makes perfect sense” 

“So far this course is gold dust!!!!!!”

“Hi Jonathan, just finished Module 3 but still to do the homework. This is powerful stuff.”

 “This course is succeeding where every other course I taken in the past has failed me and that’s keeping me focused”

“Great, I´ve never done research to this department before, I feel I am more prepared to tackle my niche than ever before”

“I want to follow your course first I like the direction it´s taking me.  Your questions are pulling out information I did not realise was in there.  I now realise I have a story worth telling”

You probably feel like you’ve got a book inside you and you’d love the recognition and achievement that being a published author would get you, but you’ve probably thought to yourself “But even if I did write a book, who’s going to want to read MY stuff?  And it’s going to take years to write it, but in the meantime I’ve still got to eat and go to the day job.”

The truth is, you have NO IDEA how to write a book – heck you probably don’t even know where to start.  If you did then you’d be doing it.  Your goal is probably to finally get your message out there, maybe even make a lot of money from it…  Write a successful book that lots of people read.  Because deep down you want to be the best, stand out and at the same time make a difference – yes?

But you’re more than likely terrified that your message will never get out there and the dream will die inside you.  Doesn’t it frustrate you that it’s still not written and you haven’t figured it out yet?  And you know deep down that if you could just plan it out somehow, maybe even sketch out an outline to get you started then it might flow…

And you’d get more clients and make more money if you got help from a mentor or coach who understands how daunting it all feels.  But I imagine you’ve tried to put your ideas onto paper before and doing lots of studying about marketing and you still have very little to show for it.

If you’re like me, I bet you’ve always wanted to have financial security, maybe create a whole new fulfilling career in a different niche… But there’s a nagging doubt inside that wonders if you know enough about your topic to have earned the right to call yourself an expert.  So you surf the web looking for “how to write a kindle book” or “how to be an expert/author”

Or perhaps you keep up to date with the gurus like Brendon Burchard or Tony Robbins, T Harv Eker – who all make it look so easy.  But don’t you just hate it when you get all psyched up after reading some great tips… only to find another month has flown by and you’re still no further forward.

  How much more money do you have to spend on OTHER PEOPLE’S BOOKS and CD’s before the penny drops?  When are you going to stop listening to other people’s stuff, and start producing your own?

I always thought “If only someone could show me how to get started, what to do first, make it easy for me”.  Then I realise that yet again, I forgot to pick ONE topic to write about cos my head is full of so many ideas.


I’ve always been a coach.  When I was a wee boy I would build things and teach an imaginary audience how to build it too – just like I’d see on Blue Peter.  “Here’s one I prepared earlier…” remember that?   I used to get asked for advice in secondary school.  Teenage couples on the verge of breaking up asked me for help and they’d do what I said and get back together.  Truth is I got most of it from books.  Meanwhile I stayed single and lonely.   I was the shy, skinny specky asthmatic who loved Marvel Comics and movies.  Just call me Sheldon Cooper.  My head full of low confidence and shyness eventually led me to personal development books and audio tapes.

In my first proper job I started writing positive thinking articles in the civil service newsletter, till I was warned to stop rocking the boat at an office party by a member of the Benefit Fraud Team.  Seriously! That helped make up my mind and after 7 years I resigned.  I set up a superhero magazine with some mates, and was ready to move to Birmingham and be the editor.  Overnight the business stolen from me – all done on handshakes and gentlemen’s agreements.  Turns out I was the only gentleman.   That put me into debt.  So I became a financial advisor cos I thought they knew a lot about making money.  At that point I was still passionate about personal development.  So I went self-employed as a therapist. In my first month self-employed I earned the same as I’d been paid in my last month employed – no dip in income at all from a standing start.  Month 2 I doubled it.  Then my income went up 30% per year thereafter

This was all working one to one doing NLP and Hypnotherapy sessions.  Money was good, and I was  working with who I liked when I liked.  Then Life Coaching came to the UK so I trained in that and added that string to my bow.  And my income increased…

Shortly after that I started doing workshops – to be honest I was scared but I knew it would stretch me and make me better.  And my income jumped again.  Plus workshops created spin off therapy appointments with audience members coming to the back of the room and asking me privately for help.

The next big leap was doing NLP Trainers Training in 2001.  Then I started running big 7 and 14 day courses for £1500 a seat.  My income jumped up again.

In 2003 I hired a Coach who charged £3000 an hour.  He strongly recommended I write a book – it took me 6 months to write it.  Took 6 more months to publish it.  The truth is I was procrastinating, blaming it on the publishers when actually it was me withholding.  What will people think?  What will my mother think?  People will know what I truly believe…  So I kept tweaking it and thinking of more things to add into it.  Perfectionist anyone? Eventually I had to get it off my hands and get rid of it otherwise it would never have gotten finished.

I’ve had several coaches over the years.  All of them told me to record my seminars, and I said “yeah yeah yeah.  I already know that.”  That’s called Premature Closure.  Almost as bad as premature…. anything else.  So reluctantly I started recording my seminars.  In no time I was able to create 17 audio home study programmes which I could sell on my website, and at the back of the room on my courses.  My income jumped again.

Then I realised “why struggle to build a website and then try and get people to visit it, even worse try and sell them something?  It’s easier to put it on a website that gets millions of buyers every day. So I opened my eBay shop.   In 4 months I was an eBay powerseller.  Added another 4 figures a month to my income.  Life was good.  We were jetting off to Hawaii every 6 months.  Then Cheryl and I had a wee boy in 2006, and wanting to be the stay at home entrepreneur Dad, I decided to kit out a home office and stop doing so much running around.

Are we seeing a pattern here?  Since then I’ve set up websites, done online videos, am big on social media, written 2 more books, built 3 membership sites, with a lot more in the pipeline.  That will be my pension, and that will be my legacy for my son.  He’s going to inherit one hell of a library!

See there are loads of “How to write a book”, “How to get published”, “How to make a product”, and “How to set up a Blog” course and seminars out there, [I know cos I’ve bought loads] but they all have one thing in common – they leave YOU to do all the work.  Even if you can afford the time and money to implement all of them, you still have a very steep learning curve in front of you.

The Guru Factory is a DONE WITH YOU course, where I’ll hold your hand and do a lot of the heavy lifting FOR you.  In fact, all of the techie headaches have been solved already… save yourself years of learning curve, and save thousands of pounds in unnecessary study…

The Guru Factory is my new “done with you” programme


*** Here’s What You Get When You Sign Up TODAY ***


  • 90 days of one-on-one Coaching .  I’ll teach you a step, you do a homework assignment, and gradually the components get assembled in the factory until… ta da!

  • Your own BOOK published on Amazon, without spending years at a keyboard.  Your book will be available on Kindle, and as a paperback book, within the next 3 months.
  • Positive BOOK REVIEWS to endorse your material and help boost your credibility.
  • You own Book Promotion website – built for you, with a big “buy now” button that takes your customer through to Amazon where they can buy your book

  • Your own PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS – you will be on all the major video websites like YouTube and Vimeo so you can get enquiries, leads and sales even when you’re asleep

  • Your own EXPERT website – built for you.  This positions you as the guru and is the website you’ll send referrals and the media to.  It will capture email addresses and follow them up automagically!

  • Your own PRODUCT that you can sell for residual income – also known as “royalties”.  You’ll have a 4 audio cd/DVD  set that you sell online and at events
  • Your own PRODUCT WEBSITE to sell that for you so you can take orders 24/7 – built for you

  • Your own MEMBERSHIP SITE where people pay you every month for your help – built for you.  Imagine if you had 1000 members all over the world paying you a monthly fee of £20 to access your valuable information and knowledge.  You do the math…

  • Your own SIGNATURE SPEECH that you can deliver on stage, on video or on DVD – even if you hate public speaking!

  • Your own SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE – people will be able to find you on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, and on your own Blog, which of course is built for you.



If you saw my review of the “Publish A Book And Grow Rich” Bootcamp, you’ll know that they were charging 5 figures to make you into a published author, and it would take 6-12 months.  I’m charging 1/16TH of their fee and we’ll get it done in 90 days.  That’s right, for £4997 you’ll be a published author within 3 months.

Why only £4997?  Because you’re here to make money, not to get yourself into debt.  In addition, I run a web marketing and social media business and I know what it costs to build all the sites and online promotion, and it’s nowhere near what they were asking.  Quite frankly I think that’s a fairer price.

Definitely- some consultants are charging £6k for a book alone. Most online course creation courses are £3k and you still have to do all the work. A promo video can chat you a grand. A website the same. It’s a bargain to have all those income streams set up for you.

And if it makes it easier for your cash flow, I’m offering a 3 month instalment plan to make it more affordable.


  • Your own BUSINESS STATIONERY – All the business cards, flyers, roller banner and letterheads you need to promote your new business, advertising your brand – printed for you.
  • VIP access to any of my future events
  • A private members-only FACEBOOK GROUP – where you can ask questions, get support and help cheer on your fellow Gurus.
  • And so you know what to do after the event, a complete 12 MONTH CAMPAIGN outline – shows you what to do every week and every month to grow your business, build momentum and outperform the competition.

Payment Options



  I want you to be delighted with your purchase and feel confident that The Guru Factory will live up to its promise.  If at the end of the Strategy Session you’re not entirely blown away by the programme, and you don’t feel it’s going to make you at least £4997 back after 90 days, then just discretely tell us and we will refund all of your money.

The next step: Strategy Session by phone or Skype – It’s the start where we set your goals for the course and focus on exactly what you want – to be a published author?  To make an extra £1000 per month?  To pack in your day job?  To “retire” your partner from theirs?

Then for the next 90 days we’re going to craft, sculpt and launch you own “Guru” business step by step, brick by brick.

  WE START WITH THE STRATEGY SESSION – where I’ll get to meet you, establish your goals as an Author > Expert > Speaker > Coach > Online Marketer, then we’ll show you the 90 day plan that will get you the positioning, clients and income that you want.

If you want to make 2017 the year you finally DO SOMETHING significant to boost your income, your reputation and your confidence, and you want someone to hold your hand and help you DO IT every step of the way, then sign up for The Guru Factory now, before we close (Time is quickly running out)…

  This is the best offer I’ve ever made.

All the details are here.  You can pay by Paypal, or by credit card.  And there’s a 3 EASY PAYMENT instalment plan if that makes it easier on your cash flow.



Have there been clients that Jonathan just could not help?

So far, there has never been a willing client that Jonathan “couldn’t help.” If you come with an open heart, do the homework and following the principles he teaches, he will help you package your work into a programme you can sell.

What if I am not sure exactly what my offer will be?

No worries. That’s what we are here to help you sort through. We will show you how to best decide between all your ideas to identify your ideal concept while also in line with what the market wants. We spend time helping you choose a top idea then creating the framework you will implement and can use for any future programmes you may wish to create. Literally, Jonathan has launched multiple six figure programmes using the signature framework you will learn.

I understand that the rates are not guaranteed in the future. Can I sign up now for a future Guru factory and lock in the current rate?

Absolutely! You have the ability to choose the start date that works best for you. If there is any reason that you are unable to attend, you may transfer your attendance to any quarter within the next year, no problem.

IT’S YOUR TURN – you’ve surfed the internet and listened to other people’s audios long enough. Now is the time to learn step by step how to get hired as a speaker, hold your own seminars, make money online and build a real business coaching and training other people.

THIS YEAR you can have

  • Your own paperback book on Amazon

  • Speaking gigs and lucrative seminars

  • Coaching clients and recurring income

  • Thousands of people impacted by YOUR STORY and YOUR ADVICE in your passion

You can start from scratch and you can start right now, and in 90 days you will have your own book published on Amazon, your own website to sell it, your own web presence on Facebook and YouTube, your own product for sale and your own subscription website where people pay you every month for your information and advice. Are you ready?

Jonathan Clark


The Guru Factory

P.S. Don’t lose your chance to learn how to become a well-paid expert with your life’s story and advice for others.  You’ll qualify for the branded stationery, VIP access to future events, the private Facebook Group community and the 12 month promotion campaign to launch your new author/expert career.