One Programme…

Multiple Streams of Income.

  Can you create a high quality programme that you can turn into multiple income streams in 90 days? YES YOU CAN!


Finally Create One of Your Own.

In only 90 days, we will dive in to help you package your expertise & gifts into a high-value online SIGNATURE PROGRAMME you can immediately use to enrol high-end clients & leverage into 6 Streams of Income.

What is a Signature Programme and Why is it Valuable?

A Signature Program is a valuable asset for anyone in a leadership position to have that will contribute to the advancement of your career and to serving others on a grander scale. It can be:

A “Signature process” or “signature system” you’ve created to help your clients get results.

Based on your story (something you’ve overcome or figured out personally or professionally).

The synthesis of what you have studied/done for years or your subject matter expertise. 

Your Thought Leadership or Intellectual Property.

It will distinguish your work in the market, have others seek you out and allow you to charge premium. In addition, with the model that I teach, you will learn how to leverage it as the basis for multiple income streams. 

Unlike other programmes, in our weekly Coaching sessions you won’t just learn HOW to create a valuable Signature Programme… You will walk away with your valuable programme or course ACTUALLY DONE!

The #1 comment we hear from our clients:“I wish I’d discovered you years ago, before I spent thousands on courses that left me with nothing to show for it.”


You and I are so heavily marketed to online, it can feel challenging to weed through the marketing promises and find whom we can trust to help us get the results we desire. We get it. That’s why we focus on ensuring our promise matches what we can actually deliver. (And we will help you do the same so that you can be a light in this online marketing space.) Let me be straight with you… You don’t need more information.What you need is help IMPLEMENTING. You don’t just need to know WHAT to do… you need help APPLYING it to your specific situation

IMPLEMENTATION is what we specialise in… and doing it in a concentrated period of time so you can get immediate results. THE TANGIBLE OUTCOME OF OUR TIME TOGETHER?A signature programme of your own ready to market and fill. 

FINALLY”GET ‘ER DONE!” Our clients affectionately call our 90 Day Guru Factory the “GET ‘ER DONE!” course. The main distinction between us and all the other programmes you can take online, is that we don’t just give you a bunch of materials to go through on your own.

You won’t just sit and listen to me teach for hours.

You won’t be one of hundreds of students hoping the instructor may answer your question yet knows very little about you. No, we roll up our sleeves and we dive into YOUR BUSINESS to laser focus in on identifying your Zone of Genius and step-by-step package it into a high-value Signature Programme you are proud of.

WE SPECIALISE IN HIGH-END & HIGH-VALUE We specialise in helping our clients create high-end, high-value group programmes that stand out in their industry. In this day and crowded marketplace, you MUST have a clear and unique offer, otherwise your message will be drowned out by all the other noise. You will learn the power of leverage so that you will be able to reach many more people who seek to transform their lives… without having to expand your working hours. Get exactly what you need so you can design, develop, package, price and deliver your Signature programme…even if you’ve tried many times before.A REPEATABLE PROCESS 

Best of all, once you discover the repeatable steps and framework in the Guru Factory, you will be able to use the steps over and over again for any future programme you desire to create. You’ll learn the exact step-by-step process Jonathan has used to help dozens of his students to create programmes of their own.

Sound too good to be true? We get it. HEAR DIRECTLY FROM OUR CLIENTS…

“Everything Jonathan promised in his programme, he produced. And that’s hard to find these days on the Internet.”


1. You are driven by a passion to make a positive contribution with your gifts.You know your work transforms lives, but you need help packaging and messaging it properly to find your ideal market that is hungry for it.

2. You know you are sitting on a gold mine with your work.You are good at what you do and you know you are sitting on a gold mine, if you could just learn how to package and deliver your signature work and stop being the best kept secret.​

3. You are tired of trading time for money.You want a way to leverage your time and talents better … but you’re stuck trading time for money, and spinning with ideas but not getting traction with any of them.

4. You love what you do, you just need more clients.If you are like most coaches, consultants, and service providers with whom we speak, you love what you do. You just need more of the clients you love!

5. You’ve been searching for a business model that won’t burn you out.If all the advice you have been given seems to be overwhelming and, worse yet, doesn’t seem to be producing results you are in the right place. You will learn how to leverage one program into multiple streams of income and how to powerfully via groups.


We’ve run this process with dozens of clients. We’ve perfected the experience so that we can GUARANTEE that you will walk away the tangible results, including the following:

1. Be able to confidently and succinctly answer the question, “What do you do?”We will help you avoid speaking in paragraphs or in words your ideal audience does not understand. Instead, we’ll craft your response in 1-2 sentences that has them asking YOU for more information! (We teach you how to be pursued instead of being the pursuer!)

2. Identify clearly whom you serve.We will get this so super clear, you will never wonder dread the “niche” question again. And we don’t teach this like it is typically taught typically. You’ll discover how clarity about YOURSELF helps you attract your ideal clients.

3. Identify what problem you solve for your ideal clients in a way that they understand!One common problem we’ve seen with transformational coaches and consultants is that they use language that sounds either too academic, corporate, aloof or ethereal, and unfortunately does not connect with their audience. We will solve this together so that it makes it easy for your perfect clients to say yes to working with you!

4. Positioned to stand out.Ever wonder what was your unique selling proposition? Jonathan used to hate that question when he first started as a coach! We help you figure a message that stands out amongst all the coaches or consultants who do what you do.

5. Name your program.We’ll teach you the important elements to include in your signature program title so that it is attractive to your ideal clients.

6. Modules of your program.The modules of your program are the steps, teaching and exercises you do with your clients to ensure they get the results of your work. We will show you how to put this together so that your clients have an extraordinary result from working with you. Also, your program modules can be repurposed to create multiple income streams. We will show you how.

7. Determine your Pricing.You will walk away with a premium price for your program about which you are confident. Finally stop doubting yourself and learn what it takes to be able to be able to charge high-fees.

8. Ascension model identified with upsells & downsells.Want to learn how to make more money without having to do more marketing? Enter upsells and downsells. We strategically help you craft your business so you make more money by working smarter, not working harder. Gain additional revenue from your Signature Program without doing extra work (and make it easier for more prospects to say “yes” at different price points).

9. Delivery methods identified for multiple streams of income.Discover how ONE Program can easily be turned into Multiple Streams of Income. The value of this is that you can have one marketing system without having to spend money trying to market each individual offer. We cover the following income streams that can be leveraged from the program we will create together. Choose the one(s) that works best for you:

SPEAKING – one programme can position you in the top 5% of speakers earning £1,000+ per speaking gig.

GROUP COACHING/CONSULTING PROGRAMMES where you are able to charge £200 – £1000 per person.

ONLINE COURSES – Your programme can be sold automatically and delivered as an online course. 

BOOKS  – Discover how to easily turn your programme into a book without having to spend months or years writing a book. 

VIRTUAL WORKSHOPS  – Discover how to deliver highly transformative workshops from the comfort of your own home.

RETREATS & ADVENTURE – Love to travel? Learn how to host retreats based on your programme.

10. Learn how to enroll high-end clients.We will give you bonus access to my training for “How to Create Clients Quickly” so that you can immediately create clients for your Signature Program.

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We’ve made the investment in this exceptional programme so incredibly reasonable that it will easily pay for itself with just one client. We’ll show you how! Use the link below

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Spots are limited! Because of the personal attention we offer our clients, the number of spaces is limited. Each participant is given a truly transformational environment so, sadly, we must close the doors when the course is full. At that time, you will be eligible to join a waiting list. As soon as you pay, you will get access to the online training library so you can begin preparing for your forthcoming workshop. We’ve made the investment in this exceptional program so incredibly reasonable that it will easily pay for itself with just one client. We’ll show you how!