“If you are looking for energy, vitality, and a constant stream of ideas to recharge, change and develop your business, do not hesitate to contact Jonathan. He keeps delivering.” May 24, 2011

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

1st Colin McNally hired Jonathan as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2011

“To have someone understand your business and your behaviour more than you do yourself is remarkable. To have someone then give you the tools and support to grow your ideas into a coherent and professional business model linked to your highest values and beliefs is quite simply miraculous! I don’t think anyone could optimise a business better than Jonathan … anywhere!” May 23, 2011

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

1st Kevin Denvir hired Jonathan as a Business Consultant in 2008, and hired Jonathan more than once

“Awesome guy, super knowledgeable, got my social media well on track!”

March 21, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative

1st Jim Lawrence hired Jonathan as a Business Consultant in 2010

“Four months ago, I lost my job in broadcast news and asked Jonathan to help me find another. When Jonathan said the situation was “absolutely perfect” right now, I could have laughed.

But it was perfect. And in the months that followed, Jonathan helped me see the bigger picture and focus on identifying my needs and meeting them.

Amazing things started to happen. Suddenly the interviews began to appear… and offers rolled in. In the end, I had three exceptionally strong offers, all of which could have been perfect for me. The job I took, as a radio skills trainer for the BBC, paid almost 50% more than what I had been earning yet it was in an area I hadn’t considered prior to working with Jonathan. It was an outcome I couldn’t have believed was possible, but it became possible because my coach believed in me.

I have to admit I was skeptical about hiring a coach at first. It was no small challenge to be paying the price of a small mortgage at a time when I had no regular income. But I can assure you that if you want to achieve truly remarkable things and are willing to put in the work, hiring Jonathan as your coach will be the best investment you ever make. You will recoup your money many many times over.

Put simply, Jonathan offers unconditional support and encouragement to be and do whatever you desire. Now, who else do you know who can do that for you?”

 – Ros Toynbee, Career Coach

“Although I’ve done presentation techniques for 30 years it had never really gelled in my mind.  I can’t get over the difference it’s made for me.  I’ve done NLP before, I’ve done the Tony Robbins courses before, but until you get somebody who actually touches the inner core of your unconscious, it doesn’t work, and Jonathan does that.”

 – Carol Bentley, Marketing Consultant

“Someone once told me this would be a “life changing” experience and I was skeptical, however after the past 7 days, I feel the changes – I feel different, I think differently.  Wow!”

– Debbie McCormack, Trainer

“I can’t even see my obstacles!  I don’t have any obstructions now, the path is just opening up.  For the first time in many years I no longer feel overwhelmed.  There are things going on which I know that I’m not doing, and yet there is no other explanation other than it’s me.  Every time I go into a shop or restaurant they love me at first sight.  I know that I’m not doing it consciously, but the rapport skills have soaked in.  Things are really clicking into place, it’s such an amazing experience.”

 – Jules May, Inventor

“I have methods to control my emotions and feel my self-esteem has directly improved – in addition to being well on the way to becoming a master communicator.”

– Dr Tricia Granger, Dentist

“My whole outlook has changed.  I am now more confident, happy, contented and relaxed.  I believe that this is where I was supposed to be.”

– Susan Forde, Researcher

“I wanted to be confident in my abilities, learn how to communicate with maximum effectiveness, let go of stuff, free my potential and go forth and practice.  Jonathan was very helpful and considerate, cared how we were doing but remained detached enough to be effective.  I have trust and confidence in myself and you.  Things are infinitely more open and bright.”

– Kari Gillies, Scottish Power

“I feel that I am released from so much that held me back – like a different person in the same skin, and changed forever.”

– Maria Doherty, Hypnotherapist

“Standard of conduct and professionalism was very high, the most complete training I have ever participated in.  I am confident in my choices and path in the future and have left the baggage behind.”

– Tom McNamee, NLP Master Practitioner

“As always well planned, beautifully delivered and great fun as well as many new learnings.  Feel more confident and more excited about my career.  What can you do to improve?  Not much – it’s hard to beat 100%”

– Karen Lawson, NLP Master Practitioner

“Instead of just knowing that I am in control of how I feel, I know how to do it!  I am enjoying increased energy from the Ha Breathing.  I am communicating far more effectively and my relationships with my family, friends and girlfriend have improved dramatically.  I really enjoyed the opportunity of spending a week with you – you are an amazing guy and your ability to deliver and your in depth knowledge inspires me very much”

– Sandy Newbigging, Coach

“My investment in your Practitioners and Master Practitioners training equates to approximately 1/3 of the total cost of my MBA.  In terms of value and return on investment your training puts the MBA in the shade.  There is direct application and immediate return on so many aspects of the trainings.  Thanks!”

– Mike Tierney, Managing Director